Initial situation: Meticulously planned

Grafenwörth is already very popular due to its ideal location between Vienna, Krems, and St. Pölten. After all, this region is framed by Danube wetlands and Wagram, which make it a perfect area for recreation. Therefore, it is no surprise that this village is growing. The well though-out way of Grafenwörth’s continuing development could become a blueprint for similar municipalities.


Planning status: Refreshingly different

Designed by Pichler & Traupmann Architekten ZT GmbH, the residential park is being built around a newly created lake with an island. Approximately 190 houses, 40 apartments and areas for commercial use will emerge in accordance with the architectural overall concept. Whether it is a bungalow, a semi-detached or detached house – all units have access to the lake, most of them directly to the lakeshore. Bridges, common beaches, and even a harbor are located right in between these residential units and lure future inhabitants towards the refreshingly cool water.


Overall concept: Cleverly integrated

The village on the lake will be shielded from the nearby highway, but it will be deliberately open towards the old town center, as the tip of the lake points towards Grafenwörth to ensure the residential park becomes an integral part of the existing town. The current designs make it very clear that many units will most likely be sold quite soon. This is why gladly accept your reservations from now on.

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