Privacy NOTICE


Names and contact information of the respective responsible entities are:

VI-Engineers Bauträger GmbH & Co KG, FN 483854a
VI-Engineers Beteiligungen und Entwicklung GmbH, FN 424825v
VI-Engineers Management GmbH, FN 432208a
VI-Engineers Bautechnik GmbH, FN 451419b
VI-Engineers Properties GmbH, FN 469645f
VI-Engineers Development GmbH, FN 483316i
VI-Engineers Anteilsverwaltung GmbH, FN 489707h
VI-Engineers Projektgesellschaft SLS 44 GmbH, FN 432207z
VI-Engineers Projektgesellschaft BE 13 GmbH, FN 441701k
VI-Engineers Projektgesellschaft SPQ GmbH, FN 447328k
VI-Engineers Projektgesellschaft HSG GmbH, FN 453437w
VI-Engineers Projektgesellschaft STA GmbH & Co KG, FN 460777p
VI-Engineers Projektgesellschaft STA GmbH, FN 469646g
VI-Engineers Projektgesellschaft KER GmbH, FN 476987b
VI-Engineers Projektgesellschaft BRN GmbH, FN 480152g
VI-Engineers Projektgesellschaft BRN GmbH & Co KG, FN 480366x
VI-Engineers Projektgesellschaft VEL GmbH & Co KG, FN 490085p
VI-Engineers Projektgesellschaft EXE GmbH & Co KG, FN 490086s
VI-Engineers Projektgesellschaft GRA GmbH, FN 495369i
VI-Engineers Projektgesellschaft GRA eins GmbH, FN 5159561i
VI-Engineers Projektgesellschaft GRA eins GmbH & Co KG, FN 516194i
VI-Engineers Projektgesellschaft GRA zwei GmbH, FN 515969d
VI-Engineers Projektgesellschaft GRA zwei GmbH & Co KG, FN 516196m
VI-Engineers Projektgesellschaft GRA drei GmbH, FN 515973i
VI-Engineers Projektgesellschaft GRA drei GmbH & Co KG, FN 516204z
VI-Engineers Projektgesellschaft GRA vier GmbH, FN 515976p
VI-Engineers Projektgesellschaft GRA vier GmbH & Co KG, FN 516207d
VI-Engineers Projektgesellschaft EIS GmbH, FN 503931a
VI-Engineers Projektgesellschaft EIS GmbH & Co KG, FN 504164v
VI-Engineers Projektgesellschaft VÖS GmbH, FN 510552m
VI-Engineers Projektgesellschaft VÖS GmbH & Co KG, FN 510971d
VI-Engineers Management VÖS GmbH, FN 510553p

Neutorgasse 2/3, 1010 Vienna, Austria
T: +43 1 890 33 09 – 0
F: +43 1 890 33 09 – 99

We collect, process, and use your personal data only with your approval for the purposes we agreed upon or if any other legal basis in accordance with the GDRP exists.

2. Personal data

Personal data are all data that include detailed information regarding personal or factual circumstances, including your name, mail address, e-mail address, phone number, date of birth, age, or gender.
We will use the data you provide exclusively for purposes related to existing contracts and/or for which you gave your approval, or any other purpose in compliance with the GDPR, with the exception of the use of anonymised data for statistical purposes.

3. Security

Please note that data transmitted via the internet (e.g. via email communication) may be subject to security breaches. Complete protection of your data from third-party access is not possible. We protect your personal data with the corresponding organisational technical measures, which include protection from illegal as well as accidental access, processing, loss, use, and manipulation. Despite these high security requirements, it is still possible that information, which you provided over the internet, can be seen and used by third parties. We assume no liability for information disclosures caused by mistakes during data transmissions that are not our fault as well as unauthorised access by third parties.

4. How data is used

We process the following data, which are provided by you, for the administration of data of clients and business partners as well as for the fulfilment of contracts and business processing:

  • Master data, including contact information (e.g. name or company name, address, date of birth, phone number)
  • Contract-specific case data (e.g. property and apartment data, contract data, data regarding assets and liabilities including contract texts and correspondence)
  • Financial and accounting data (e.g. bank information, VAT ID number)

Only the contact information you provide (name, address, phone number, and e-mail address) is processed for marketing and advertising purposes.

The following information you provide is processed for accounting and personnel management including candidate management:

  • Master data, including contact information (e.g. name or company name, address, date of birth, phone number)
  • Financial and accounting information (e.g. bank information, VAT ID number) including data regarding assets and liabilities
  • Information provided for candidate management (e.g. information regarding education, work experience, photo)

The data you provide will be used exclusively for purposes in relation to an existing contract, or with your approval, or if their respective use complies with purposes of the GDPR.

You provide your personal data voluntarily. However, these data are necessary to implement the contractual relationship properly.

5. Transmission of data

To fulfil our contractual obligations, we may have to transmit your information to third parties. Your information will only be transmitted in full compliance with the GDPR, especially to fulfil contracts or with you prior approval.

Your data may be transmitted to one or more of the following categories of recipients:

  • Companies with the Group
  • Legal representatives, collection agencies, courts and public authorities (if required)
  • Banks and insurance companies (if required)
  • Tax consultants
  • Collaborating contractual or business partners (e.g. contractors)

6. Data storage

We only store data as long as they are required to fulfil our contractual or legal obligations and to defend us against possible legal claims.

7. Disclosure, deletion, blocking

You have the right to be provided at any time with information free of charge about any of your personal data that is stored as well as its origin, the recipient, and the purpose for which is has been processed, as well as the right to have your information corrected, transferred, revoked, as well as limit its processing purposes, have your information blocked or have incorrect or inadmissibly processed data deleted.

Should there be any changes to your personal information, we would ask you to inform us accordingly.

Furthermore, you have the right to revoke given approvals for the use of your personal information at any time.

If you believe your personal information to have been processed in violation of existing data protection laws or your data protection rights may have been violated in any way, you can file a complaint with the respective regulatory authority. In Austria, this regulatory authority is the Data Protection Authority (German: “Datenschutzbehörde”).

8. Contact

We are available for you at any time at the above-mentioned points of contact, in case you wish to know which of your personal data is stored, or you want to exercise your right to have your data corrected or deleted as well as have the processing of your data limited, or you want to revoke a previously given approval or if you have any other inquiries in connection with this privacy notice and the processing of your data.