Each of our real estate projects is future-oriented and has an overarching objective – from practical considerations that affect everyday life to thoroughly sustainable projects, like the green “Living Garden” at Seestadt Aspern, and extensive residential concepts with multifunctional uses that are perfectly integrated into their environments.


Our most vital asset is that we provide all competence areas under one roof – from property acquisition, project development, and engineering, to marketing and sales. We support the realization of your dream house as well as reclassification proceedings, the development of residential and commercial properties, sustainable and future-oriented real estate investments and many more.


The team of VI-Engineers is very idealistic. By specifying a sustainable primary idea right at the beginning and following through on it, we deliberately create added value for our projects. Paired with our expert know-how, you benefit from our real estate developments in special way – as a private buyer or investor.

We choose our external partners very carefully and always from a consistently growing pool of renowned and reliable companies in the fields of architecture, landscaping, financing, and construction. It is imperative to work with the best of each industry to meet our high standards.


Years of market-specific know-how, visionary ideas and the courage to realise them in top-quality and sustainably distinguishes VI-Engineers. Due to its shareholder structure, VI-Engineers also has an enormously vast network in the real estate, construction and financial industry.


One of our core businesses is project development. This is where we work with an interdisciplinary team comprised of spatial designers, project developers, and architects to develop and implement concepts of sustainable real estate and housing projects. It is an important asset for us to have a team of diverse expert specialists for the implementation of holistic real estate projects.


Our engineering department handles the management of construction projects. They are involved in the various development phases and are entirely responsible for project management, including regulatory proceedings, tendering and contracting management, quality control and complaint management, etc.


Our sales team joins our projects at the very beginning during project development and handles market, location and competitor analyses, defines USPs and target groups, construction and furnishing details, pricing, and – last but not least – sells residential and commercial properties.


All of our company’s PR and marketing measures run through our communication department. In collaboration with external partners, we create unique real estate brands that distinguish themselves from the mainstream in an enormously competitive market. As a holistic competence centre, our experts are always glad to help with press inquiries regarding current industry issues.