Generating added value with new ideas

Each of our modern real estate projects is based on an overarching idea. From practical considerations, which will affect everyday life in the respective building later on, to innovative projects that merge buildings with gardens like the “Living Garden“ in Seestadt Aspern.

By determining and focusing on a basic idea right from the start we deliberately generate added value for each project. Combined with our professional skills, this is why you ultimately benefit from very special properties with that certain extra.

 Project development

in areas

in Vienna with promising opportunities

in Vienna and its surroundings with optimal traffic connections

in provincial capitals with extraordinary potential


at locations

in high-quality environments

with innovative added value

with unexplored opportunities


for combinations

of shops, apartments, hotels, etc.

of subsidised and private residential housing

of rented and owned properties


and projects

in the renovation and new building sector

in the investment property sector

in the commercial property sector for investors

Project management

as a general contractor

as a full-service general contractor

as a service provider offering project controlling, on-site building supervision, and more

Project consulting

for property issues

for construction and financing issues