Rice terraces and climbing plants in Seestadt.

Green plants spiral from the terraced building’s forest in its inner courtyard upwards along a concurrent earth body that serves as a spine. Its protruding balconies include beds for climbing plants that will continue to grow over time.

The building itself will become a green house. All residents can use specific areas for urban gardening on the biggest, jointly used terrace above the ground floor.


Immersed in the green, with a lakeside view.

The lower area is intended for commercial use and will include a flower shop or market garden, which will provide gardening services for the surrounding area and the building itself. A pedestrian zone with shops and restaurants is close by and it’s only a few steps to the lake.

The upper floors convey a natural Mediterranean feel due to its apartments’ spaciously laid out terraces and balconies. By the way: The building’s terraced design guarantees optimal lakeside views from all floors.

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