It’s all happening on the outskirts.

Here we have a balanced mix: In close proximity to the recreation area Marchfeldkanal yet well connected to the rapid transit and underground station Leopoldau (8 min. by bus 32A) as well as a network of bicycle paths. And speaking of good infrastructures: This area comprises a perfect mix of supermarkets and local shops. And since the neighbouring property is a designated green belt, this complex will remain directly connected to the green area of Marchfeldkanal.


In the country, surrounded by nature.

Designed as a low-energy house and connected to Vienna’s gas network, even the building itself is a smart mix. Its plans include a big retail store on the ground floor as well as 42 apartments of different sizes, oriented towards quiet and green areas. Its outdoor areas will comprise numerous open spaces, such as loggias and terraces as well as private and public gardens.